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Bird Migration and Conservation 


Winged Migration—film from 2006, available on Amazon Prime 


The Great Migration video (10 minutes): 


Basics of Bird Migration, from Lab of O’s All About Birds:   


Nate Senner, ornithologist who studies Hudsonian Godwits, in the field:  (15 minutes) 

Nate Senner, Ornithologist, video of tools he uses to track migration of the Hudsonian Godwit: (5 minutes) 

About Nate’s Hopes and Dreams:  (3:46) 


Cornell Lab of Ornithology, video of “Lab on a Bird”—about tracking metabolism during migration: 


Snowy Owl Invasion video (Lab of O):  (3:38) 


Snow Geese Migration video (Lab of O):  (3 minutes) 


Atlantic Puffins, Seabird Success Story”  (Lab of O):  (6 minutes) 

PBS Nature, “Puffins Pick the Perfect Home”:  (3 minutes) 


Sandhill Crane Migration, National Geographic video:  (6 minutes) 

Sandhill Crane Mating Ritual:  (2 minutes) 


“Birds of the Yellow Sea” (Lab of O):  (13 minutes) 


“Bird Research and Shade Grown Coffee” (Lab of O): 


Bird Day Migration Game—move from station to station: 




“Becoming a Field Biologist,” Taza Schaming:  (4 minutes) 


Marita Davison: “Protecting Flamingos in the Andes”:  (6:43)  (5:44)  (7:10)