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Yeti  2018
It’s a new season and we have made some changes! We have renamed this event the Yeti Challenge. This is a reading contest for 4th and 5th grade students in Bellingham elementary schools. For this event, students can form teams of 2-4 teammates. The book lists for both grades are the same but the competition dates are different.

Competition dates:
4th Grade Columbia Contest: TBD
4th Grade All District Contest: TBD
5th Grade Columbia Contest: TBD
5th Grade All District Contest: TBD

Who can participate?
4th and 5th graders

Can a 4th grader be on a team with 5th graders?
Yes, but they must compete in the 5th grade competition. 5th graders are not allowed in the 4th grade competition.

Do all 4th and 5th grade students do this?
No, this is an optional activity.

Will we meet as teams to practice?
This is an independent activity and for the most part, teams meet on their own time and organize themselves. Mrs. Copeland will announce some voluntary activities and meeting times later in the year.

When can teams sign up?
After winter break, a sign up form will be made available in the library. For now you can form teams if you would like, or just start reading the books!


4th and 5th Grade Contest Books

Thank you Lisa Christensen, Lowell Librarian, for putting this page out for us to share!